Why UPS And 澳门威尼斯人直营网站 Beat The Competition

For more than 30 years, 澳门威尼斯人直营网站 has provided businesses like yours with complete UPS shipping services — often at much lower rates than they could get on their own. Through our long-standing relationship with UPS — one of the world’s largest and most trusted small package shipping companies — we deliver the savings and solutions your business needs, paired with the outstanding support you deserve.

Sometimes bigger really is better!

UPS has over 93,000 retail locations and 125,000 vehicles on the ground, helping them deliver an incredible 5.5 billion packages and documents each year. And with plenty of affordable pick-up and delivery options to choose from, you get even more flexibility for your business when you ship with UPS.

Depending on what your shipment is, where it needs to go and how quickly it needs to be there, UPS is sure to have the services and shipping capacity to make it happen.

Why choose 澳门威尼斯人直营网站?

As part of the nation’s largest non-retail Authorized Reseller of UPS shipping services, 澳门威尼斯人直营网站 customers enjoy access to affordable, reliable UPS express and ground shipping options. We continually provide our customers with complete UPS shipping services, in addition to other time-saving benefits including:

  • Significant savings on UPS shipping
  • A dedicated account team with industry expertise
  • Easy-to-use online tools
  • Flexible invoicing & credit options
  • One company for all your shipping needs

Get the Best UPS Small Business Shipping Rates with 澳门威尼斯人直营网站

By partnering with UPS and 澳门威尼斯人直营网站, you will always have access to the comprehensive services, tools and information you need to ensure your UPS shipping logistics are a success. Download our infographic to learn more about how UPS and 澳门威尼斯人直营网站 beat the competition.

Ready to take the next step?

Contact 澳门威尼斯人直营网站 today to get a free UPS shipping assessment and see how you can save on your small package shipping.


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